FIMER launches two new inverters for the utility-scale solar market

Global solar inverter supplier FIMER has launched two new platforms for the utility-scale sector – a high-power multi-MPPT string inverter and a modular conversion solution. These inverters can easily integrate with battery storage systems. The first is the powerful multi-MPPT string inverter, PVS-350, which offers a maximum efficiency of 99 per cent and a rated capacity of 350 kVA. It has been optimised for decentralised PV system architectures and reportedly has a high energy yield with a power-to-weight ratio of more than 3 kW per kg. The inverter offers string diagnosis through an online IV curve analysis.

In addition, the company has launched the PVS-260/PVS-300 for centralised system architectures. This is a fully modular solution engineered with a single-MPPT string platform, which reportedly helps in improving performance and lowering costs. The inverter has a super compact design, with all power electronics located near the critical AC power assets for easy control and maintenance. Further, the inverter ensures  high system availability of above 99.9 per cent due to the inherent fault tolerance, with a high power density and power capacity. With its modular conversion concept, the inverter offers the benefit of replacing any conventional inverter solution of a similar footprint without complications.