MPUVNL invites bids to add non-functional solar projects to the grid with net metering

The Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited has invited bids to connect and synchronize existing non-functional off-grid solar projects at state government institutions. Developers would be required to convert the existing off-grid projects at state government institutions and connect them to the grid along with net metering facilities. Further, the bidders must install inverters, generation meters, net meters and provide comprehensive operation and maintenance services for five years. However, the MPUVNL stated that if more than 70 per cent of solar modules at a site aredamaged, the order will be cancelled. Prospective bidders must submit an earnest money deposit of Rs 10,000 and the last date for submission of bids is March 25, 2021.

To be eligible, applicants must have had prior experience designing, engineering, supplying, installing, testing, and commissioning string solar inverters or rooftop solar projects, along with providing operation and maintenance services. Alternatively, they must have installed at least 100 kW of solar power projects. Further, applicants with experience in restoring and converting off-grid solar projects to grid-connected or hybrid projects will also be eligible to apply. Under the financial criteria, the bidders must have had an average annual turnover of at least Rs 1 million in the last three financial years.

MPUVNL is a nodal agency responsible for the implementation of policies of the central and state government in the renewables space. In January 2021, the MPUVNL invited bids for the discovery of tariff and implementation of 40 MW of grid-connected rooftop solar projects at various locations in Madhya Pradesh. In October 2020, the nodal agency floated a request for a proposal for the development of 30 MW of rooftop solar capacity across multiple locations in the state.



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