LONGi launches new module for distributed generation market

China-headquartered LONGi has officially launched its new 66C type Hi-MO 4 monofacial PV module (Hi-MO 4m). This module has been created specifically for the global distributed generation market and can be widely used on rooftops in residential, industrial and commercial applications. The 66C variant has an area of about 2 square metres and weighs 22 kg. In addition to the 66C, the Hi-MO 4m series offers two variants – 60C and 72C. The 60C, 66C and 72C products cover power ranges of 370-385 W, 410-420 W and 450-460 W respectively, and have a maximum efficiency of up to 21 per cent. Thus, the product series offers consumers more options to choose from, along with the reported advantages of high efficiency, high energy yield and high reliability. Moreover, the size and weight of the products have been designed specifically to match the requirements for distributed generation applications.

With a moderate size of 1.82 square metre area and 1.04 metre width and a weight of 19.5 kg, the Hi-MO 4m 60C module is intended more for the residential market, as it is convenient to install. The larger 66C and 72C-variants are meant for those that want to install larger modules. The 72C-type module is suitable for use on industrial and commercial roofs while the 66C type module is suitable for “4-point installation on short frame” on flat roofs as it can not only achieve a stable and efficient power output, but also has a higher resistance to wind and snow loads. LONGi plans to expand its dedicated distributed generation production line to 10 GW of capacity in 2021.


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