The Journey So Far

Timeline of the key events that shaped the sector

The journey of the renewable energy sector over the past decade has been eventful and exciting, though sometimes tough and challenging. From the launch of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) to the setting of the 175 GW by 2022 target for renewable energy. From the introduction of accelerated depreciation (AD) to the launch of competitive bidding for wind power projects. From the levy of safeguard duties to the inclusion of hydropower in renewables. Renewable Watch presents a chronology of the key developments that unfolded over the past decade and shaped the sector as it is today…


  • Flagship JNNSM programme launched
  • First round of JNNSM auctions conducted
  • Renewable energy certificate (REC) trading introduced
  • Revised Indian Electricity Grid Code Regulations, 2010 released, making it mandatory to schedule grid-connected renewable energy from January 2012 onwards


  • Amendment made to the Tariff Policy, which required the states to fix a solar-specific renewable purchase obligation, beginning with 0.25 per cent in 2013 and increasing to 3 per cent by 2022
  • Tariff of Rs 7.49 per kWh discovered in the JNNSM Batch II solar bids, a record low at the time


  • Net metering framework launched
  • AD scheme withdrawn
  • Debt restructuring package for utilities unveiled
  • Green Energy Corridors project report finalised
  • All industrial consumers with a connected load of 1 MW and above designated as eligible open access consumers


  • Viability gap funding mechanism introduced for solar project selection
  • Status of One Nation, One Grid, One Frequency achieved
  • Environmental clearances for hydro projects in Uttarakhand banned by the Supreme Court
  • The Generation Based Incentive (GBI) scheme reinstated


  • Solar park scheme rolled out
  • AD benefit restored
  • Off-Grid and Decentralised Solar PV Applications Scheme issued


  • Renewable energy target scaled up to 175 GW
  • Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana launched
  • National Offshore Wind Energy Policy issued
  • New regulatory framework for scheduling and forecasting of renewable energy generation notified
  • Priority sector lending status granted to renewable energy by the Reserve Bank of India


  • Feed-in tariffs replaced by competitive bidding for wind
  • Interstate transmission system (ISTS) charges for solar and wind projects waived
  • First 1 GW ISTS tender for wind project allocation announced
  • Policy for Repowering of Wind Power Projects issued
  • International Solar Alliance launched


  • Competitive bidding guidelines issued for procurement of solar and wind power
  • GBI and AD benefits withdrawn
  • All-India GST implemented, with all renewable energy devices listed under the 5 per cent tax rate category
  • Tariffs fell to Rs 2.44 per kWh for solar (Bhadla Solar Park Phase III auction) and to Rs 2.64 per kWh for wind (Solar Energy Corporation of India’s Tranche II auction)
  • Anti-dumping investigation initiated to curb solar equipment imports
  • Price for non-solar RECs revised from Rs 5,800 to Rs 2,500 and for solar RECs from Rs 3,500 to Rs 1,000


  • Safeguard duty imposed on imported solar modules
  • Detailed procedure for grant of connectivity to renewable energy-based projects to the ISTS issued
  • National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy launched
  • Small-hydro project developers exempted from cess and taxes for six years from the commencement of commercial operations


  • Large hydropower officially categorised as renewable energy source
  • Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Mahabhiyan (KUSUM) scheme launched
  • Discoms mandated to maintain lines of credit to safeguard generators from payment delays
  • First manufacturing-linked solar tender launched


  • Project timelines extended for generators and bailout schemes launched for discoms in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • First tender issued for round-the-clock power procurement
  • Guidelines announced for power procurement from blended wind power projects
  • Foreign direct investment cell set up to process foreign investment proposals
  • Tariff caps removed for solar and wind power tenders
  • Green term-ahead market launched for renewable power trading



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