Vikram Solar launches Tigo-integrated SOLIVO smart modules

Kolkata-based solar company Vikram Solar has launched its new line of integrated smart modules with Tigo, a Silicon Valley based solar PV solutions company. The SOLIVO series of smart modules is the latest addition to Vikram Solar’s crystalline silicon PV module product portfolio. These modules are the company’s highest efficiency modules to date, that is, up to 19.07 per cent for 72 cells and up to 19.36 per cent for 60 cells.

The effects of shading, soiling or mismatch loss are virtually nullified in this product and more power is harvested, as each module can be optimised for energy generation, through advanced module-level power optimisation technology. Tigo’s flexible module-level power electronics (Flex MLPE) provide multiple smart features including module-level remote monitoring, rapid shutdown, power optimisation and longer string designs.

Tigo’s TS4 platform offers functionalities like “smart-ready” TS4 diodes and higher reliability. Other smart module functionalities include allowing superior heat dissipation from modules, achieving lower resistive loss in strings, identifying faults, maximising area usage, lowering operations and maintenance (O&M) costs and increasing the system uptime compared to conventional modules. Even in compromised installation conditions due to partial shading, current mismatch, or module output tolerance, the TS4 platform maximises energy production for the most optimum returns on investment.


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