Huawei introduces a 95 kVA, 1,500 VDC inverter at Solar Power International

Huawei launched its utility-scale solar inverter, SUN2000-95 KTL-US, referred to as “the 95 KTL”, at the Solar Power International Trade Show in Las Vegas.

The 95 KTL 1500 VDC smart interactive string inverter is a groundbreaking design in inverter technology, offering the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry for ease of installation. The 95 KTL utilises 800 volts alternating current (VAC) output stage to minimise AC losses.

To improve string flexibility and maximise yield compared to traditional string or central inverters, the 95 KTL includes six maximum power point tracking and  12 directly connected string inputs.

Additionally, the string inverters have a natural cooling technology with no external fans, no filters requiring cleaning or exchanging, and no DC fuses. Thus, the 95 KTL offers the high AC power output of any naturally cooled string inverter in the US market.