LG solar launches sleek residential panels with enhanced performance

LG Electronics launched the LG NeON®R 60-cell solar panel for residential installations with back contact at Intersolar North America 2017. This new solar panel has electrodes on the rear side of the panel, giving it polished aesthetics and an improved temperature coefficient.

The NeON®R panels, which are rated at 365 W per panel, use an N-type cell with no boron, so the light-induced degradation is reduced significantly in the module, maximising performance and maintaining the maximum potential power output for its life. In addition, the busbars are removed from the front of the module, which helps maximise the light absorption capacity of the module. The reinforced design of the frame used in the panel ensures that the panel can endure front and rear loads, making it stronger than other models in the market. The company is also offering a product and performance warranty for a period of 25 years.


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