SMA introduces new Power+ solution

The module-based DC technology is supplied by the TS4 platform

SMA America has launched the new Power+ solution, which is a combination of its Sunny Boy U.S. photovoltaic inverter and the TS4-R Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) solution. The Sunny Portal can be used for data monitoring and module-level diagnostics.

The TS4-R module components of the SMA Power+ solution can be used like traditional MLPEs. However, unlike traditional optimisation, which requires MLPEs on every module even when it is not needed, the Power+ solution can be applied selectively. This reduces the installation time, service risk and ultimately the cost. According to SMA, selectively deploying TS4-R can save up to 90 minutes of installation time per residential system while realising greater energy production and roof usage, and providing a higher return on investments.

The module-based DC technology is supplied by the TS4 platform, which offers various levels of plug-and-play functionality. The benefits of the TS4 line of products include module-level monitoring, shutdown code compliance, shade mitigation and increased string lengths.


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