Gentari collaborates with AM Green for green ammonia project in India

Gentari International Renewables Pte Limited and AM Green have formed a partnership to collectively invest in stages in a green ammonia platform, namely AM Green Ammonia Holdings BV (AMG Ammonia). For this, GIC has also invested in AMG Ammonia.

By 2030, AMG Ammonia is anticipated to generate 5 million tonnes per annum of green ammonia employing using round-the-clock renewable energy sources. The platform’s objective is to supply green ammonia. This constitutes 20 per cent of India’s goal for producing green hydrogen by 2030 or 10 per cent of Europe’s objective for importing renewable hydrogen. The initial export of green ammonia from this platform is planned by the end of 2025, intending to supply major OECD markets, including Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

Gentari and AM Green each will contribute complementary strengths across the green hydrogen value chain, encompassing expertise in renewable energy, electrolysers, and ammonia production and marketing capabilities. Following the investment from Gentari, AM Green, and GIC, AMG Ammonia will have all the funding needed to carry out the intended ammonia production plan.

In July 2023, ReNew Power and Gentari Renewables India announced plans to set up equal joint venture to develop 5 GW capacity of wind, solar and energy storage projects.