Eolus submits permit application for Arkona offshore wind project in Sweden

Eolus Vind AB, Swedish renewables developer, disclosed that it has submitted an application for a permission to build an up to 1,400 MW offshore wind farm off Sweden’s southern coast. The Arkona wind farm, which Eolus intends to erect between 50 and 70 bottom-fixed turbines, would be situated in Sweden’s economic zone, roughly 22 km south of the coast of Skane County.

The wind farm will be expected to produce about 5.5 TWh of electricity annually after construction. Reportedly, Eolus has been examining the project site and conducting consultations since 2021. According to the company, Eolus might begin the construction in 2028.

In June 2023, Eolus divested three Swedish wind projects totalling 125 MW to Swiss power provider BKW. Skallberget/Utterberget, Tjärnäs and Rosenskog were under construction and will begin operations in the fourth quarter of 2023. The three projects were powered by 19 wind turbines and will generate 330 GWh of clean energy annually.