ReNew commits to business-driven clean energy and education in India under the CGI

ReNew Energy Global Plc (ReNew) has introduced its Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitment to action, focusing on clean energy generation and youth education as a transition to clean energy. ReNew is establishing India’s first round-the-clock (RTC) plant, to be able to supply the energy system with uninterrupted power, in order to overcome the issue of leveraging renewable energy resources to increase base load capacity as it makes the switch to renewable energy. The project will combine energy storage technologies, increasing annual energy generation by 80 per cent. Furthermore, through its young climate leaders’ course, ReNew, through its subsidiary, ReNew Foundation, will also connect with middle school-aged children in sustainable energy education and awareness.

ReNew will contribute more than $1 billion to the RTC projects, which are being built in four locations across three Indian states. These projects are scheduled to be commissioned in 2024. ReNew will secure power from the 400 MW project for both domestic use and for the Indian railways as part of its commitment.

Furthermore, the company will deploy a phased climate advocacy and education program over the following two years, based on the fundamentals of Indian prime minister’s Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) programme. This programme will consist of a number of different components, such as baseline evaluations of current knowledge, climate-focused initiatives including village sanitation drives, the creation of smart classrooms and digital labs, and the implementation of a third-party behavior change research. This program, which initially chose 200 schools in particular Indian states, could potentially reach over 10,000 students.