Redarc launches its new 150 Ah lithium battery

Redarc has un­veiled its latest lithium-ion batteries, the Al­pha­150, desi­gn­ed for use in roof­top solar systems. The battery weighs 15.5 kg and has dimensions of 353 mm x 175 mm x 190 mm. With a 200 A continuous discharge rating, the device has a discharge range of -20 °Celsius to 60 °Celsius and can be ch­arged within a low range of -30 °Celsius to 45 °Celsius. The device offers an 80 per cent faster charging time, a 70 per cent greater power density, and a 30 per cent greater weight efficiency when compared to competitors. With a maximum charge rate of 135 A, it can significantly reduce the total charging time to just 1.1 hours. The battery also offers features such as full integration and self-managed heating, and the device remains warm during freezing temperatures. The device incorporates terminal covers that serve as carrying handles, while also ensuring secure electrical co­nnections and hassle-free installation in any setting. The Alpha150 lithium batteries have a five-year warranty period and offer a protection level of IP55.