Denmark based companies apply for 500 MW wind farm in Bangladesh

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP) have applied to Bangladesh’s government for permission to build a 500MW wind farm in the Bay of Bengal.According to a preliminary analysis conducted by the two companies, the project might generate hundreds of direct and indirect employment during its construction phase, as well as tens of jobs over its 30-year operational life.

The offshore wind farm, which is expected to cost $1.3 billion will be the first of its sort in the region. Summit Power, a local independent power producer, will join CIP and COP as a consortium partner for the project, according to CIP and COP. his proposal follows the five-year joint action plan adopted by Bangladesh and Denmark in June 2023.

The two countries committed to collaborate on green and clean technology as well as to invest in long-term development. The offshore wind farm project will assist Bangladesh in making the best use of its coastal resources while also promoting the development of a “blue economy.”