Winaico launches new 430 W glass-glass module series

WINAICO Deutschland GmbH has announced a new 430 W bifacial glass-glass module series for the European market, with dimensions of 1,722 x 1,134 x 35 mm. The company aims to enhance the output of bifacial modules to 430 W, with 22.02 per cent efficiency. The full-black variant of the solar module will produce 425 W of power and operate at 21.76 per cent efficiency. The ex­tremely robust glass-glass construction sports 2×2 mm of tempered, highly tra­nsparent glass, which is 0.4 mm above the current industry average. The premium glass quality, in combination with a stable 35 mm module frame, creates extraordinary resistance to weathering, with a mechanical load capacity of 810 kg per square metre. The product co­mes with a 30-year warranty. After 30 ye­ars, residual performance of at least 87.4 per cent is guaranteed.