ITI request proposals for polycrystalline solar cells

Indian Telephone Industries Limited (ITI Limited), a government-owned enterprise under the Department of Telecommunications, has issued a tender for the supply of 553,500 polycrystalline solar cells. The total value of the tender is Rs 36.5 million. According to the tender guidelines, the bidders must submit an earnest money deposit of 2 per cent of the tender value, up to a maximum of Rs 500,000. Before submitting the purchase order, successful bidders must submit a security deposit balance of 5 per cent of the order value, up to Rs 1 million.

The cells must have a power rating of 4.62W. If the order is granted to two bidders, the quantity will be distributed in the ratio of 60:40 to 70:30 between the lowest bidder (L1) and L2. If the order is placed on three selected bids, the guiding ratio for L1, L2, and L3 bidders is 50:30:20. In the case of a bigger volume or capacity restriction, more than three bidders may be considered. If the bidder fails to deliver the material on time, liquidated damages of 0.5 per cent of the tender value each week will be assessed.The deadline for bids is June 7, 2023.

In February 2023, Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Limited (REIL) requested bids for 1,540 quantities of 664 Wp solar modules made from mono-crystalline silicon PERC cells. According to the tender guidelines, the PV modules must be warranted for their output peak watt capacity that should not be less than 90 per cent at the end of 10 years and 80 per cent at the end of 25 years.