TCC floats bids for consultants to assess viability of green projects

Travancore Cochin Chemicals (TCC) has requested bids for a consultant to recommend different methods for reducing electricity costs and conducting a feasibility study for green power project models. The study’s goal is to propose ways to reduce TCC’s power costs by establishing power projects producing green energy using various models with cost-benefit analysis and sourcing cheap conventional and non-conventional power through other suitable means such as bilateral agreements of appropriate duration with cost-benefit analysis.

According to the tender guidelines, the bidders will be required to submit Rs 25,000 as an earnest money deposit. The successful bidder must provide an amount equal to 5 per cent of the contract’s total value within 14 days of the company’s acceptance of the tender. The consultant must provide efficient and viable methods for obtaining cheap power, including the establishment of non-traditional power projects using multiple models of implementation and financing.

The bidder must be a government agency and must be affiliated with state electricity boards, central or state government electricity businesses, government agencies in the power sector, electricity regulatory commissions, or public sector undertakings in the power sector. The bid submission deadline is May 29, 2023.

In February 2022, Kerala government announced a Rs 2 billion scheme to develop green hydrogen hubs in Trivandrum and Kochi.This scheme has been announced for viability gap funding, grant, and equity support to establish green hydrogen hubs over the next two years.