Roadmap towards a Green Steel Economy in India: Report

“Decarbonising the Indian Steel Industry: Roadmap towards a Green Steel Economy” report identifies five key levers to decarbonize steel: the use of green hydrogen for steel production; the introduction of a more significant share of renewable electricity in captive electricity consumption; carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) to decarbonize existing carbon-intensive steel production processes; greater use of scrap to make steel; and increasing energy efficiency across steel production processes.

The report proposes a roadmap for realizing a low-carbon steel economy in India, identifying six key objectives:

  1. Establishing the definition and standards of green and low-carbon steel
  2. Advancing the uptake of alternative green energy sources such as green H2 and renewable energy
  3. Announcing a green steel procurement policy and targets to encourage market creation and demand aggregation
  4. Supporting R&D to advance breakthrough technologies and solutions like H2 and CCUS
  5. Promoting alternative emissions mitigation actions through pilots and clusters
  6. Framing mechanisms and frameworks for financing the green steel transition

Access the report here