GUDC floats bids for 2 MW solar projects across six ULBs in the state

The Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC) has requested bids for the establishment of 2 MW solar projects across six Gujarat urban local bodies (ULB). The estimated cost of the project is 154.64 million. According to the tender guidelines, the projects must be completed within three months of receiving approval to proceed. The developers are required to provide comprehensive operations and maintenance services for five years.

The GUDC plans to build 627.48 kW in Mansa, 300 kW in Idar, 99.9 kW in Prantij, 475 kW in Bhuj, 425.52 kW in Gandhidham, and 99.9 kW in Mandvi Rural. The bidders for projects in Mansa, Idar, and Prantij must submit an earnest money deposit of Rs 785,658, while those bidding for projects in Bhuj, Gandhidham, and Mandvi Rural must submit an amount of Rs 760,714. The bid submission deadline is February 14, 2023.

Recently in December 2022, GUDC floated consultancy bids for the development of 150 MW of solar power projects under a captive model. As per the tender guidelines, bidders must submit Rs 100,000 as an earnest money deposit. Also, the successful bidder must provide an amount equivalent to 5 per cent of the consultancy fee as a security deposit.  The consultant is required to analyse the collected data and recommend the contract demand of each urban local body.