Eolus and PNE to build 1 GW offshore wind project in Latvia

Eolus, a Nordic wind power company, has formed a joint venture with PNE, a German firm, to build a 1 GW offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. The Kurzéme offshore wind farm is located off the west coast of Latvia and is scheduled to be operational by 2030. The project will be able to produce 4.5 TWh of renewable electricity annually once it is fully operational. 

PNE currently holds a 50 per cent share in SIA Kurzéme Offshore, the project developer, along with Eolus and PNE. After getting a research licence, the companies will conduct Environmental Impact Assessment surveys for the Kurzéme project for which they have submitted proposals. Reportedly, Eolus’s partnership with PNE will add resources and competence to Kurzéme. The company has been conducting initial studies for the project and developing it since 2020.

In December 2022, Eolus and Simply Blue Group agreed to partner on the development of four commercial-scale offshore wind parks in the Baltic Sea. The remaining facilities would be situated offshore of Finland, while two of the projects would be developed in Sweden. Eolus and Simply Blue Group formed a joint venture firm called SeaSapphire to develop the offshore projects. Each partner would own an equal part of the company.