Bruc buys 384 MW solar PV power plants from Opdenergy

Bruc, a renewable energy generation company, has purchased six solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Spain from Opdenergy. The solar portfolio has a total capacity of 384 MW and is spread across four Spanish provinces, including Cadiz (116 MW), Zaragoza (60 MW), Teruel (114 MW), and Palencia (MW). The six solar PV assets are part of the 1.1GW portfolio, which are part of an agreement reached by the two companies last year, where Bruc agreed to purchase these projects.  The 384 MW capacity expands on the 278 MW projects that Bruc has already purchased in recent months in the provinces of Seville, Soria, and Zaragoza.

Opdenergy has transferred a total of 662 MW to Bruc, including the most recent delivery. The remaining 439 MW of capacity, of which 107 MW have a draft or EIS, is currently being developed and will be delivered to Bruc in accordance with the predetermined schedule. Targeting decarbonisation of energy, Opdenergy has projects in the pipeline across Spain, Italy, UK, France, Poland, US, Chile, Mexico and Colombia.

In November 2022, Opdenergy received a 100 per cent favourable Environmental Impact Permit for 1.14 GW of capacity in Spain. Of the total capacity, 902 MW is currently in the construction phase while 244 MW is being prepared for construction. The projects are located in the provinces of Zamora, Ciudad Real, Zaragoza, Cuenca, Teruel, and Badajoz in Spain.