MoP revises guidelines and standards for charging infrastructure of EVs

The Ministry of Power (MoP) issued an amendment in the revised consolidated guidelines and standards for charging infrastructure of electric vehicles (EV) issued by the MoP in January 2022. According to the amendment, the public charging stations will have a feature of prepaid collection of service charges with the time of the day rates and discount for solar hours.

Also, a committee under the Central Electricity Authority will periodically recommend to the state government about the ceiling limit of service charges to be levied. This committee shall also recommend time-of-the-day rate for service charges as well as the discount to be given for charging during the solar hours.

The guidelines were launched in 2018. According to them, private charging at residences/ offices shall be permitted. The distribution companies can also facilitate the same. Furthermore, the setting up of public charging stations shall be a de-licensed activity and any individual/entity is free to set up public charging stations, provided that such stations meet the technical as well as performance standards and protocols.