EKI and ICAM collaborate for climate impact fund

EKI Energy Services Limited (EKI), a carbon credits developer and supplier, declared that it will invest up to Rs 2 billion in a Rs 10 billion climate impact fund launched in collaboration with Impact Capital Asset Management Pte. Limited (ICAM), a Singapore-based fund management firm. This fund is reportedly the nation’s first-ever fund dedicated to climate impact. 

The initiative aims to mobilise resources to promote and finance greenhouse gases mitigation projects around the world. Geographically, the projects will be implemented in the remote areas of India as well as in the selected countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. ICAM will manage the fund, while EKI will be the anchor investor and sole project implementation partner.

To meet its objectives of greening the planet, the fund will specifically focus on high-impact community development projects such as clean cooking through large-scale deployment of energy-efficient improved cook stoves, access to clean drinking water through water filtration systems, energy-saving lighting solutions such as LED bulbs, and waste management, among others.

EKI provides businesses with climate change and sustainability solutions to help them achieve their carbon neutrality goals. The company offers consulting and advisory services for carbon asset management from start to finish, including carbon credit generation, supply, monetization, and offsetting. EKI has provided over 180 million offsets as of now.



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