NTPC floats a tender for methanol synthetic plant at its facility in Uttar Pradesh

NTPC has issued a request for proposals to build a 10-temperature programmed desorption methanol synthesis plant at its Vindhyachal facility in Uttar Pradesh based on a design submitted by TOYO, a Japanese hydrocarbon and petrochemical engineering company. The scope of work comprises residual design and detailed engineering, as well as procurement, fabrication, supply, packing, loading, shipping, storage, preservation, freight, insurance, clearances, custom, or any other obligation, and construction, erection, and commissioning of the plant. The bid submission deadline is November 3, 2022.

According to the tender guidelines, the bidders are required to submit Rs 20 million as an earnest money deposit. Furthermore, the bidders must have completed projects as an engineering, procurement, and construction contractor with a minimum cumulative value of Rs 807 million in the last ten years in the fields of power, steel, oil and gas, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, fertiliser, waste-to-energy, and methanol generation. Such a project should have a minimum contract value of Rs 269 million. Prior to the opening of bids, the reference project shall have been in operation for at least six months. The average annual turnover of bidders in the last three financial years should not be less than Rs 1.009 billion.

Earlier this month, NTPC and Siemens Limited signed a MoU to test the feasibility for hydrogen co-firing blended with natural gas in Siemens V94.2 gas turbines installed at NTPC’s Faridabad gas power plant. The total installed capacity of Faridabad gas power plant is 432 MW with two V94.2 gas turbines operating in combined cycle mode.


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