NTPC and GE Gas Power collaborate for hydrogen co-firing in gas turbines

NTPC Limited and GE Gas Power have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to investigate the feasibility of demonstrating hydrogen co-firing with natural gas in GE’s 9E gas turbines installed at NTPC’s Kawas combined-cycle gas power plant in Gujarat. The two companies will collectively explore pathways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from NTPC’s Kawas gas power plant, as well as further implementation at scale across NTPC’s installed units in India, as part of this significant collaboration.

The Kawas gas power plant has an installed capacity of 645 MW and is powered by 4 GE 9E gas turbines operating in a combined-cycle mode. Furthermore, when blended with natural gas, GE’s advanced E-Class gas turbine portfolio can currently burn up to 100 per cent by volume of hydrogen. The type of combustion system used determines this capability. Gas turbine accessories must be evaluated and possibly modified for fuels containing more than 5 per cent hydrogen by volume to reliably deliver the fuel to the combustors.

GE Gas Power will be responsible to evaluate the possible modifications to the gas turbine unit and auxiliaries required for blending hydrogen with natural gas in this collaboration. Based on the feasibility report, a pilot project for 5 per cent hydrogen co-firing may be implemented at the Kawas gas power plant in a safe environment. NTPC will supply the hydrogen required equipment for the project.



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