Yingli launches n-type TOPCon solar panel

Yingli Solar has introduced a new bifacial n-type solar module, Panda 3.0 PRO 590–615 W, which is based on tunnel oxi­de passivated contacts (TOPCon) solar cells. Reportedly, the front-laminated co­m­­­posite film passivation of TOPCon 24.5 per cent efficient cells helps the mo­dule’s ability to use back TOPCon te­ch­nology to boost the cells’ open-circuit vol­tage by over 710 mV. There are six versions of the 156-cell Panda 3.0 PRO mo­dule, ranging in power output from 590 W to 615 W and in efficiency from 22 per cent to 22.11 per cent. Its short-cir­cu­it current ranges from 13.72 A to 14.12 A, and its open-circuit voltage ran­ges from 54.74 V to 56.44 V. The maximum system voltage is 1,500 V. 

A panel weighs 35 kg, and its dimensi­ons are 2,465 mm x 1,134 mm x 30 mm. Additionally, the module has a 2 mm tempered glass panel and an IP67 enclosure. Its working temperature spa­ns from -40 °C to 85 °C, and its temperature coefficient is -0.30 per cent per °Celsius. The new items have a 12-year product guarantee and a 30-year linear power output guarantee. Fur­thermore, the power output is expected to de­gra­de by 1 per cent in the first year, and will be at least 87.4 per cent of the no­minal output power in 30 years.


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