Solis unveils its new off-grid PV inverter

Solis has launched its new off-grid inverter, the S5-EO1P (4-5)K-48 series, which is designed for areas without power grids or areas with frequent power outages. The device, which also features IP21 enclosures, weighs 14 kg and measures 335 x 450 x 160 mm. The temperature varies from -10 to 60 degrees Celsius in its operating environment. The series has a peak efficiency of 96.7 per cent and includes an AC charger as well as an inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller. The system supports the parallel operation of up to 10 units, to expand capacity up to 50 kW. The PV inverter has a rated output power of 4 kW or 5 kW and a surge capacity of 8 kVA or 10 kVA, depending on the system configuration. The system can be configured in terms of AC and solar input depending on the application. It features a maximum PV input voltage of 500 V, a maximum solar charge current of 100 A and a maximum AC charge current of 80 A. As a backup power source, the S5-EO1P (4-5)K-48 series is compatible with both the grid and generators.


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