Hindalco Industries signed MoU for aluminum air batteries for EVs

Hindalco Industries Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Israel-based companies Phinergy and IOP to produce aluminium-air batteries for electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage. IOC Phinergy Private Limited (IOP) is a joint venture between Phinergy and Indian Oil Corporation (IOP). In India, Phinergy and IOP will work exclusively with Hindalco on research and development activities and pilot manufacturing of aluminium plates for aluminum-air batteries, as well as aluminium recycling after use in these batteries.

The driving range of electric vehicles is strengthened by an aluminium-air battery, which is lightweight and has a high energy density. It will also enable fast recharging of batteries. Aluminium-air batteries are projected to make EV adoption easier while also hastening the transition to zero-emission mobility.

Recently in July 2022, Hindalco Industries acquired a 26 percent share in Cleanwin Energy SIX’s 5 MW captive open access wind project. The stake acquisition would cost Rs 7.15 million to the company. The move has been made by the company to cut down its energy expenditures.


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