NHPC signs MoUs for green hydrogen technologies in Ladakh

NHPC signed two MoUs for the implementation of “pilot green hydrogen technologies” in the districts of Leh and Kargil in Ladakh. According to the MOU signed for Leh, NHPC will examine the development of a pilot green hydrogen fuel cell-based microgrid. It will include hydrogen generation to fulfill the power requirements of NHPC guest house at Nimmo Bazgo Power Station (Leh) within NHPC premises. Meanwhile, as per the MOU for Kargil, the hydrogen generated will be utilised in fuel cells for mobility which will be enough to run two buses for up to 8 hours in the Kargil area.

NHPC will ramp up hydrogen production on a commercial scale to meet the power demands in the Ladakh area using hydrogen in various sectors like mobility, transportation, heating, and micro-grid. Subsequent independent MoUs shall be signed later.

Recently in June 2022, under the Central Public Sector Undertaking programme, NHPC signed a contract agreement for engineering, procurement, and construction with Adani Infra (India) Limited to develop a 600 MW solar project (Phase-II).


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