Jharkhand issues new solar policy

The Jharkhand government has launched its state solar policy titled “Jharkhand Solar Policy 2022”. The policy will be in effect for five years. The state intends to deploy a total solar capacity of 4 GW by 2026 across utility-scale, distributed and offgrid solar projects. The policy also aims at deployment of captive and group-captive solar projects in the state. According to the policy, the residential rooftop solar systems and grid-connected solar pumps installed under component C of the KUSUM scheme will be eligible for subsidies. The government will also encourage domestic production of solar and energy storage technologies.

In June 2022, the Haryana government approved the state Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2022. The policy provides an early bird direct benefit transfer up to Rs 1 million on purchase of EV’s or hybrid EV’s in the state.