NTPC Limited floats a tender for 500 kW of PV modules for Port Blair project

NTPC Limited has issued a request for proposals for solar PV modules for their solar project at Andaman and Nicobar islands in Port Blair. The project’s total capacity is 500 kW. The bid submission deadline is July 6, 2022.

As per the tender guidelines, to participate in this 500 kW tender, the interested bidders must pay a tender fee of Rs 2,655 (including GST). However, paying the tender fee does not guarantee that a bidder will be considered qualified. To participate in the bidding process for various schedules, bidders must submit a $200,000 earnest money deposit. The deadline for completing the work has been set at four months from the date of award. NTPC Limited reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders in part or in whole, including any request for tender papers to be provided, to amend the quantities, or to split the order. Bids must be filed through the e-tender portal of NTPC Limited (National Thermal Power Co). 

Earlier this month, NTPC Renewables, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTPC Limited, issued a request for proposals for the balance of system package (excluding land and transmission system) for a 500 MW STU-connected solar project in Bhadla, Rajasthan. From the date of commissioning, the bidder will be responsible for the project’s operation and maintenance for three years. The bid submission deadline is July 14, 2022.