Maruti Suzuki to set up a 20 MW solar carport in Manesar

Maruti Suzuki India has installed a 20 MW solar carport at its facility in Manesar, Haryana. The project is intended to provide the company with 28,000 MWh of energy per year. As per the company’s statement, the energy generated by this project will be equivalent to the energy required to produce approximately 67,000 cars every year.

Using the East-West direction concept, the solar carport is designed with the lowest area per unit of power generation. The East-West direction concept allows developers to add more rows and panels, enhancing generation capacity while using minimal land area. Reportedly, the facility has space to park about 9,000 of the company’s finished vehicles.

Earlier this month, Suzuki Motor, a subsidiary of Suzuki, started purchasing wind and solar energy from ReNew Power for its Gujarat facility as part of its effort to lower around 6 per cent of the Japanese automaker’s global carbon dioxide emissions. India, as Suzuki’s largest market, contributed to over 60 per cent of the automaker’s global four-wheeled vehicle production last fiscal year, and will be crucial to the company’s decarbonization objectives.