BHEL issues tenders for supply of 4.16 MW of mono PERC modules

BHEL has issued two tenders for the supply of monocrystalline passivated emitter and rear contact (PERC) solar modules for solar projects totaling 4.16 MW at two thermal power plants in Uttar Pradesh. The first tender is for the supply of 500 W mono PERC solar modules for a 2.6 MW solar project at the Obra thermal power plant in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonabhadra region. The second tender is for mono PERC solar modules with a 500 W output to be used in a 1.56 MW solar project at the Jawaharpur Super Thermal Power Station in Uttar Pradesh’s Etah district. The bid submission deadline is June 22, 2022.

As per the tender guidelines, in a 5 W band, the modules should be 500 W or higher. Modules must be constructed using 72 cells in a 12*6 configuration or 144 cells in a 24*6 configuration. As a contract performance bank guarantee, the winning bidder must provide 10 per cent of the purchase order amount within two weeks. Within 90 days of receiving the purchase order, the complete quantity must be delivered. The bidder or its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) must have delivered the same or equivalent products to any central organisation, state organisation, or other public sector project for 80 per cent of the bid quantity in any of the previous three financial years prior to the bid opening date.

In April 2022, BHEL issued a tender for the supply of 9.3 MW monocrystalline solar photovoltaic (PV) modules with non-domestic content requirement (DCR). As per the tender guidelines, the bids can only be submitted by domestic module producers with a minimum annual manufacturing capacity of 50 MW. The monocrystalline PV modules with 72 cells in the 12X6 series or 144 cells in the 24X6 series can be provided. Modules must have a power of between 525 W and 545 W.