NITI Aayog to release State Energy and Climate Index

In light of the changing climate, the NITI Aayog has launched the State Energy & Climate Index (SECI)-Round I, which will help states and UTs plan better policies and manage their energy resources efficiently. The SECI Round I rates are based on six criteria: (1) DISCOM performance, (2) energy access, affordability, and reliability, (3) clean energy initiatives, (4) energy efficiency, (5) environmental sustainability, and (6) new initiatives. The parameters are subdivided into 27 indicators. The states and UTs are divided into three groups based on their composite SECI Round I score: Front Runners, Achievers, and Aspirants.

The states have been divided into three categories: larger states, smaller states, and UTs, depending on their size and geographical variations. In the category of larger states, Gujarat, Kerala, and Punjab have been recognised as the top three achievers. In the minor states category, Goa was the best-performing state, followed by Tripura and Manipur. Chandigarh, Delhi, and Daman & Diu/Dadra & Nagar Haveli are the strongest UTs in the country. The report includes detailed state profiles and scorecards that provide a comprehensive snapshot of each state and union territory on various aspects.

The SECI Round 1, which is based on secondary data sources and information received from various ministries, is authored by Young Professional, NITI Aayog; Director, NITI Aayog; Adviser, NITI Aayog; Additional Secretary, NITI Aayog. It is peer-reviewed by the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay (now with IIT Delhi).


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