Adani Group establishes new subsidiary ANIL for its green energy goals

Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL), a new subsidiary of the Adani Group, which already owns Adani Solar for solar manufacturing and Adani Green Energy Limited, has been established to carry out the next important step of its green energy goals. ANIL will be the vehicle that will spearhead the group’s objective to become the world’s greatest renewable energy company, from green hydrogen projects to low-carbon electricity generation and the manufacture of wind turbines, solar modules, and batteries.

According to the report, ANIL will develop and operate projects for the synthesis of low carbon fuels and chemicals, generation of low carbon electricity, and the manufacture of key components/material for projects such as green hydrogen generation, related downstream products, electricity generation, and wind turbine manufacturing. ANIL will also manufacture solar modules, batteries, electrolyzers, as well as linked upstream manufacturing and ancillary sectors, and will engage in all related activities. Another significant group company, Adani Transmission Limited (ATL), aims to boost renewable power procurement from 3 per cent to 30 per cent by financial year 2023 and 70 per cent by financial year 2030.

In December 2021, ATL completed construction of one of India’s longest intra-state transmission lines, measuring 897 Circuit Km. Ghatampur Transmission Limited, an ATL affiliate, accomplished this achievement in Uttar Pradesh. The transmission line comprises four 765KV and 400KV bay additions at Agra, Greater Noida, and Hapur. In the PPP model, this project was created on a Build, Own, Operate, and Maintain basis. Transmission services with a 35-year runway will benefit Long-Term Transmission Customers.



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