Tata Power and Tata Steel to set up solar projects in Jharkhand and Odisha

Tata Power and Tata Steel have joined hands to develop grid-connected solar projects in Jharkhand and Odisha. The companies have agreed to sign a 25-year power purchase agreement to develop 41 MW solar projects, including rooftop, floating, and ground-mounted. For Tata Steel, Tata Power will build 21.97 MW of solar capacity in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, and 19.22 MW in Kalinganagar, Odisha.

Tata Power is expected to build rooftop solar capacity of 7.57 MW, floating solar capacity of 10.8 MW, and ground-mounted solar capacity of 3.6 MW in Jamshedpur. The ground-mounted solar project will be installed at Sonari Airport, Jamshedpur Tata Power will build 9.12 MW of rooftop solar capacity and 10.10 MW of floating solar projects in Kalinganagar. As per a company statement, for the first year, these solar projects are estimated to generate 60.28 GWh of power. During the project’s lifetime, 1,409.3 GWh of power is expected to be generated. The initiatives will help to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 45,210 tonnes per year and 10,57,021 tonnes over their lifetime.

In March 2021, the companies announced that they would build a 15 MW solar facility in Jamshedpur. The project is planned to produce roughly 32 million units of electricity per year. Tata Steel’s iron ore mine at Noamundi, Jharkhand, received a 3 MW solar project from Tata Power in 2017. Tata Power plans to build 2 GW of solar and hybrid capacity each year by 2030, with a total capacity of over 25 GW.


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