Tamil Nadu to procure 1 GW of solar power from SECI

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) has approved the tariff of Rs 2.61 per kWh, for procuring 1,000 MW of solar power from the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), including the trading margin of Rs 0.07 per kWh. The power will be purchased through the manufacturing-linked interstate transmission system (ISTS) programme by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO).

TANGEDCO was ordered by the TNERC to negotiate with SECI to cut the trading margin of Rs 0.07 per kWh, according to reports. Further, the commission recommended TANGEDCO to consider signing the power selling agreement (PSA) only after the trading margin had been negotiated. To reach Tamil Nadu’s solar RPO target in 2021-22, around 9,400 MW of solar power will be required. The estimated solar power requirement for 2020-21 was 7,126 MW, based on the state’s total consumption of 106,566 MU and the RPO target of 10.50 percent.

In February 2021, The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited had floated a tender for developing a 1 MW solar power project with a 1 MW/3MWh battery energy storage system in Tamil Nadu.

The successful bidders will be responsible for operations and maintenance for ten years. The scope of work comprises the design, engineering testing, and commissioning of the project. The project must be completed within 10 months of the date of receipt of the purchase order. The bid submission deadline was March 24, 2021.


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