Multiple Application Scenarios of Sungrow Floating PV System

Sungrow FPV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sungrow Group which has 24 years R&D and production experience in PV industry. Sungrow FPV aims to provide reliable floating PV solution to various application scenarios. The reference has covered large scale drinking water reservoir, high water level variation water body, hydro power plant reservoir, etc. As of June 2021, Sungrow FPV’s global cumulative record has hit 1.4GW+.

12.5 MW FPV Plant in Thailand


In April 2020, the 12.5 MW Floating PV Plant in Rayong of Thailand has been connected to the grid. Sungrow has provided floating PV system and inverter solutions for the plant.

This project is located in a local industrial park. It has several challenges such as large water level variation (18m), irregular water body and others. Sungrow FPV has set a special technical team immediately once received the inquiry from client. Through site survey and wind-wave-current coupling analysis, Sungrow FPV provided a unique design with special-shaped floating arrays and anchoring system which has high requirements for anchor points arrangement and force distribution of the arrays. Moreover, with the S-shaped cable floating scheme, the AC cables are under flexible control to ensure it won’t affect by the water level change.

Furthermore, Sungrow FPV keeps focusing on technology research, it has established its own testing Lab. and collaborating with international testing organizations.The raw material and products has been well-tested as per industry standards. It is worth mentioning that the product is using the food-grade raw materials,to maintain the water quality at drinking level.

60 MW FPV Plant in Singapore


Singapore’s 60MW Tengeh Reservoir FPV project has been commissioned recently.Honorable Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong attended the ceremony, he said, “It is a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future for Singapore.” The project is the biggest floating PV plant in Singapore as well the world’s largest FPV plant on drinking water reservoir. It sets a new benchmark for the application of sustainable development of global drinking water resources. Sungrow FPV has designed a special anchoring system for this plant, which have minor impact on the underwater environment as it can be installed simply on a removable small construction platform without use of large machines. thus, it can protect the coastal vegetation of water resources to pursue the ecological harmony and balance.

80 kW offshore FPV Plant in UAE

Sungrow FPV is also cooperating with universities and research institutes to develop the offshore floating systems. It takes the lead in formulating the world’s first industry standard for anchoring system design, and continues to promote the innovation of technologies, products, and application scenes. Expanding the ecological and diversified application of floating PV plants, Sungrow FPV has contributed professional solutions to the utilization and protection for global water resources.


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