Panasonic launches EverVolt solar modules for residential consumers

Panasonic has unveiled its new EverVolt™ solar module series with four new high-power and high efficiency solar modules, built on half-cut cells with heterojunction technology. They have been designed to accompany the company’s EverVolt™ battery energy storage system. The new solar modules deliver power in the range of 350 W to 370 W and are suitable for installation in any residential set-up. The modules are being launched in two product series, which will be available from February 2021 onwards. The EverVolt Solar Module Series 370 W and 360 W modules will provide efficiencies of 21.2 per cent and 20.6 per cent respectively. The EverVolt Solar Module Black Series 360 W and 350 W modules, packaged in a sleek all-black aesthetic, will provide efficiencies of 20.6 per cent and 20 per cent respectively.

Both the product series have a temperature coefficient of -0.26 per cent, and reportedly provide advanced efficiency and performance even in high temperatures and shaded areas. They have exceptionally low annual degradation rates, with a guaranteed power output of at least 92 per cent even after 25 years. These products, built with n-type cells, result in minimal low induced degradation (LID) and PID, thereby enabling reliability and longevity. The products are backed by Panasonic’s TripleGuard and AllGuard 25-year warranties.


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