MingYang unveils new 6.25 MW wind power turbine

Chinese wind turbine manufacturer MingYang Smart Energy recently launched its new onshore wind turbine, MySE6.25-173. The new wind turbine features a rated power of 6.25 MW and a rotor diameter of 173 metres. Building on its proven hybrid drivetrain, MySE, the turbine uses a compact integrated medium speed drivetrain with a permanent-magnet generator. The MySE6.25-173 wind turbine aims at high wind speed sites and is particularly suited to wind projects under grid parity. According to the company, the turbine weighs 170 tonnes and has a width not exceeding 4 metres. Thus, the super compact design of the MySE platform makes MySE6.25-173 one of the smallest and lightest turbines at the same power rating level. The turbine has a swept area of 23,506 square metres, which means that at a maximum 6.25 MW output, the turbine has a specific power rating of 265 W per square metre.


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