Greenko and ONYX InSight plan to modernise 500 wind turbines

Greenko and ONYX InSight have signed an agreement to retrofit and modernise 500 wind turbines in India. ONYX Insight’s technology will enhance the quality of data retrieved from the wind turbine to improve the analysis. It will install sensing equipment in phases during a retrofit project across the direct drive and geared turbines. The data generated on the platform will be used to identify issues in developing machinery. This will provide six months to a year for planning repairs. This project is supposed to make operations and maintenance more efficient and improve the reliability of turbines.

Greenko has been under the spotlight recently since the Andhra Pradesh government has announced that it will receive Rs 34.95 billion in additional revenue after successfully renegotiating the contract with Greenko for the proposed integrated renewable energy project (IREP). As per the renegotiations, the Andhra Pradesh government claims to have doubled the land prices from Rs 0.25 million to Rs 0.5 million with the previous rate being fixed by the former government.

Greenko is currently developing 550 MW of wind, 1,000 MW of solar and 1,680 MW of pumped hydro power project capacities as a part of IREP. Greenko Energy Holdings has secured equity commitment for two projects with total pumped storage capacity of 2.4 GW with 1.2 GW at Pinnapuram, Andhra Pradeshand 1.2 GW at Saundatti, Karnataka. It has signed definitive agreements for a primary equity funding of $495 million from an affiliate of GIC and an entity owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.