FuturaSun launches new Silk Pro module series

Silk Pro is a new series of monocrystalline PV modules from FuturaSun with 120 multi-busbar half-cut cells (355-375 W) suitable for any type of installation. The dimensions of Silk Pro are similar to the classic 60 cell modules and it reportedly has a good temperature coefficient. It also has higher yields in the event of shading or dirt present on the surface of the module, guaranteed thanks to the two independent sections. The modules have nine busbar 166 mm half-cut PERC cells with reportedly high module efficiency up to 20.3 per cent. The product has round ribbon technology, which ensures less shading and greater reflection of light on the cell, while the two independent sections secure a higher energy yield in case of shading. Moreover, the half-cut design, in combination with multi busbar, reduces operating current and internal resistance. The product reportedly has a lower risk of hot spots and micro cracks and offers good performance even in low light. The modules come with a 15-year product warranty.


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