MNRE issues revised guidelines for its WtE programme

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) recently issued revised guidelines for its waste to energy (WtE) programme. The new guidelines will supersede the existing guidelines of the WtE programme, which were issued on July 30, 2018. One new addition to the guidelines is the inclusion of municipal solid waste-based projects, based on the clarification by the Department of Expenditure. The government has now approved a grant of Rs 4.8 billion as the central financial assistance for biogas, bio-CNG, enriched biogas power, and biomass gasifier projects under the programme and has set a target of 257 MW for the remaining period of 2019-20. Out of the total amount, a sum of Rs 4 billion has been set aside for the municipal solid waste-based projects with a target of 200 MW.

The objective of the programme is to set up projects for biogas or bio-CNG, or power from urban, industrial and agricultural waste and captive power and thermal use through gasification in industries; to promote setting up of projects for the recovery of energy from municipal solid wastes for feeding power into the grid and for meeting captive power, thermal and vehicular fuel requirements.


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