Loom Solar introduces its new solar AC module

Loom Solar, an Indian start-up, introduced its Internet of Things (IoT)-based advanced solar AC module with micro inverter technology. This highly integrated, smart grid ready, AC module has an in-built seventh-generation micro inverter, Enphase IQ7+ MicroTM, which is mounted on the backsheet of solar panels. The product is an ideal plug and play option for large and small establishments and households. According to the company, the solar AC module gives 230 V AC output at the panel level, thereby increasing the efficiency of a solar project by 20-25 per cent. Its single panel can generate 375 W of power. This technology is expected to reduce the overall installation costs by 10-15 per cent in India.

Based on the company’s claims, this seventh-generation AC module has enabling features that can be quite beneficial for homeowners. It can be set up at home without a net meter, if installed with the Envoy monitoring system. The product is expandable, and homeowners can create a grid-tied solar project even with one AC module. The IoT feature enables consumers to monitor, control and check panel level performance remotely. It has partial shadow impact and is a 99 per cent service free product owing to its IoT-based technology system. It is safe to use as the AC module will automatically shut down when grid power is unavailable. The product comes with a 25 year warranty. Its installation is easy due to its plug and play feature.


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