“Hidden Champion” Ginlong Solis Steps Into Regional Spotlight

Ginlong Solis has been recognized as a “Hidden Champion” award winner by the regional Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission. To be named to the agency’s prestigious list of companies that are making an economic and social impact within the region, Ginlong had to undergo a thorough vetting process by multiple entities, including the economic and information departments from both the city and the province.

Over the years, Ginlong Technologies has proven its technical leadership through its dedication to innovation across research and development and manufacturing of its solar string inverter technology. Investing in renewable energy through its products and large-scale solar plants, Ginlong is recognized as a force for sustainability in the Zhejiang region. The “Hidden Champion” award reflects the company’s local leadership efforts through its commitment to its employees, the local economy and the environment. All of these things speak to Ginlong Technologies’ regional strength and leadership in the global solar industry.