Tata Power and Rockefeller Foundation to set up a microgrid company in India

Tata Power and the Rockefeller Foundation have launched TP Renewable Microgrid Limited, with plans to set up 10,000 microgrids in India by 2026. The new unit is expected to provide clean energy to nearly five million households, directly impacting the lives of 25 million people over the next decade. The microgrid operator also intends to provide ancillary microenterprise services to benefit communities aside from building, owning, and operating microgrids across the country.

Decentralised generation units such as microgrids are a feasible option for providing electricity access to households in such remote locations. In fact, the unavailability of power in several remote locations and unreliable power supply in urban regions make India an attractive market for off-grid and grid-connected microgrid solution providers. While the majority of households rely on diesel generators for power backup, microgrid solutions based on solar PV with energy storage are being increasingly adopted in many areas of the country.

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