TBEA wins 300 MW of solar projects in the NTPC auction

TBEA, a Chinese manufacturer of power transformers and other electrical equipment, has won 300 MW of solar projects in the 1.2 GW auction conducted by NTPC Limited. Of the 1.2 GW, bids were received only for 600 MW and 300 MW each was bid by TBEA and SB energy. TBEA submitted the bid by quoting a tariff of Rs 2.63 per kWh for 300 MW of solar projects while SB Energy quoted the tariff of Rs 2.65 per kWh.

In October 2019, NTPC Limited has tendered a 90 MW balance of system (BoS) package for the Anta Solar Power Project in Rajasthan. The scope of work includes the design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, packing, forwarding, transportation, unloading storage, installation, testing, and commissioning of the solar project, excluding the supply of solar PV modules. The work also involves the design and construction of module mounting structures for solar PV panels, installing SCADA system for local and remote monitoring. According to the tender guidelines, the bidder should have previously designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned the BoS of solar projects of at least 10 MW capacity, and such projects should be in operation for at least six months. The last date for the submission of bids is November 21, 2019 while the date for the opening of the techno-commercial bid has been scheduled for November 22, 2019.



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