IOCL Bottling Plant, Leh

“Ladakh has the highest insolation, which means the intensity of the solar radiation in Ladakh is highest. Every sq.metre of land has the potential of producing1,200 watts of solar power, which is the maximum in India.

Situated at a high altitude, the region is best positioned to adopt solar energy. Leh, for example, experiences clear sun 320 days in a year. Located at 11,800 feet above sea level, the IOCL bottling plant also supplies LPG to the armed forces and other isolated areas of the region.

Statcon Energiaa has successfully installed a 200 KW Solar plant with its 200KVA/480V/3P HBD Series Hybrid Inverter and 400 Ah battery banks to cater the energy needs of the bottling plant. The plant is running for heavy motors simultaneously, which includes two nos. of LPG compressors each of a rated capacity 18.5 KW, one screw compressor of capacity 30 KW and two nos. of LPG PUMPS of a rated capacity of 15 KW.

After the successful installation and working of the Solar power plant for over a year now, the use of diesel generator has decreased to zero. Before Energiaa’s Hybrid solution to the plant, the bottling plant was dependent on diesel generators for power supply as there was no grid. The generator used more than 45,000 litres of diesel annually.

The solar plant is working without any fail, even when temperature conditions are extremely harsh and the minimum temperature drops to nearly -25°C. Uninterrupted power supply in the bottling plant has also helped in increasing the overall productivity of the unit.

Plant size = 200 kW


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