RenewSys launches advanced backsheets

RenewSys, an integrated manufacturer of solar modules, encapsulant, backsheets and solar cells, launched a specialised backsheet for high reflectance at the REI 2019 Expo. This PRESERV LX range of backsheets claims to offer a high reflectance of over 90 per cent, thereby improving energy output from the modules. This “Luminous Backsheet” is available in Fluoro and Non-Fluoro variants, and also claims to improve the life of solar modules.

Apart from this, the company launched a special solution for floating solar projects. This encapsulant and backsheet solution is moisture resistant and has a high vapour barrier, making it highly suitable for floating solar projects. This new solution is reportedly more affordable and lightweight compared to the glass-glass modules being used currently, thus improving handling and transport issues. This solution’s formulation ensures uninterrupted operation of floating solar plants on waterbodies like lakes, rivers, canals and seas, even when exposed to increased UV radiation, humidity, salt, etc.


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