Dynamic Cables and SunAlpha to commission a 1200 kW solar project

Dynamic Cables Limited, a Rajasthan-based manufacturer and supplier of cables and conductors, has partnered with SunAlpha Energy to set up a 1,200kW rooftop solar power project at its manufacturing units in Jaipur and Reengus in Rajasthan. Dynamic Cables will be able to meet about 30 per cent of its energy requirement through this rooftop solar project by generating approximately 1,700 MWh of power annually.

The C&I segment has been increasingly adopting rooftop solar systems due to its greater cost economics vis-à-vis grid power. It must be noted that grid tariffs for the C&I segment are among the highest across states. Greater access to debt financing, emergence of the operating expenditure business model and increased familiarisation with the technology has further facilitated the adoption of rooftop solar in the C&I segment. Since most of the consumers in this segment operate on large premises, there is abundant rooftop space available for setting up solar PV systems.

The rooftop solar uptake in the C&I segment has not been dependent on any tender pipelines and is largely driven by commercial aspects. However, there are several roadblocks in scaling up rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in this space. These largely pertain to the ineffective implementation of policies and regulations. Take a look at the key growth drivers, emerging business models, important issues and challenges, and outlook for rooftop solar in the C&I space in India…



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