MNRE clarifies residential rooftop solar subsidy applicability

The MNRE has issued a clarification regarding the subsidy applicable for rooftop solar installations by individual residential households under the second phase of the grid-connected rooftop solar programme. The subsidy under the second phase will be available to all eligible households for the installation of rooftop solar systems as per the regulations of the respective state electricity regulatory commissions. According to the MNRE statement, rooftop solar installations up to 3 kW will qualify for a subsidy of 40 per cent. Rooftop solar installations with a capacity between 3 kW and 10 kW will get a subsidy of 40 per cent for the first 3 kW and 20 per cent for the remaining capacity. Installations above 10 kW will get a 40 per cent subsidy for the first 3 kW and a 20 per cent subsidy for the next 7 kW. According to the statement, no subsidy will be applicable for rooftop solar systems for capacity beyond 10 kW.


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